Symptoms, Signs and Causes of Prostate Cancer

It is one of those cancers where the early stages are often not detected and most often only detected during blood tests and routine checkups. When symptoms are present, it could include some of the following:

  • Men will struggle to maintain or sometimes achieve a decent erection
  • Ejaculation could be painful
  • Urinating could be painful
  • There might be blood present in the urine
  • Once he started urinating it might be difficult to continue urinating
  • It could also be difficult to start urinating even though the urge is there
  • He might get up many times per night to urinate
  • He might urinate a lot more than previously
  • Leg weakness
  • Bone pain in ribs, pelvis or spine

Although research still cannot determine exactly what the cause of prostate cancer is, as it could be a number of factors a few to name include:

Age is one of the primary factors as men above 65 could be at risk more so than younger men. Under the age of forty-five you would seldom find prostate cancer present.

Genetics is a factor that studies and statistics indicate is a factor and specific racial groups are more prone as well. Looking at USA statistics the danger to Afro-Americans contracting prostate cancer is much higher compared to White Americans. Men who have a brother or father who had or has prostate cancer has a high risk as well as identical twins.

Sexually transmitted diseases commonly also leads to this cancer at some point was established through studies from the Michigan Health System.

Obesity and prostate cancer is also linked especially death of prostate cancer when obese men contract this cancer.

Medication such as anti-inflammatory meds also have been linked to prostate cancer risk.

Diet and prostate cancer are also linked and it is found that men who consume a high vegetable diet and life an active lifestyle with regular exercise stand less of a chance to contract prostate cancer.