Cancer Symptoms No Woman Should Ignore

The female body is ever changing, however a normal change could be signs of caner, and the key is paying attention to changes in your body. A well-known doctor of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, Robyn Andersen is of the opinion that any new symptom is an indication of change inside the body and when you pay very close attention to your body, you will always be aware of changes and what to look out for.

Key symptoms include:

  1. Changes in Breast

This is one of the most common cancers even though many lumps are not cancerous, DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE. Let your doctor know immediately when the following changes are also present:

  • Scaling or redness of breast skin or nipple
  • Nipple discharging
  • Inward turning nipples
  • Skin puckering or dimpling
  1. Bleeding between periods

After menopause you should never bleed and this is a cause for immediate concern, however if you still have periods, let your doctor know when bleeding occurs between periods. Although it could be nothing, he or she want to rule out the possibility of endometrial cancer.

  1. Blood in Stool or Urine

When you bleed from any abnormal part of your body, aside from normal periods or the occasional nosebleed, is troublesome. When bleeding last longer than a day it could be several options such as bleeding hemorrhoids, which should clear within two day, but also a possible sign of colon cancer. Blood in your urine could be a result of kidney or bladder cancer.

  1. Lymph Node Changes

The bean-shaped, small glands in your body is called a lymph node and it could swell due to normal infections, however lymphoma and leukemia also cause it to swell. A lymph node that is swollen and tender for more than a week or so should get immediate attention.