Types and Causes of Cervical Cancer

Two types of cervical cancer exist and they are called endocervix and ectocervix, with endo inside the cervix. The endocervix are caused by glandular cells, which are lining the inside of the cervix, which in turn produces mucus. When they turn cancerous it leads to adenocarcinoma, which is actually part of any cancer, and what it is, is cancer, which developed in the inner side of an organ. Ectocervix is that small part that connects to the vagina and around 2.5 cm in width and 3 cm in length.

Around the outer surface of it is flat cells, which could become cancerous and cause squamous cell cancer. The transformation zone however is the most dangerous as cervical cells are 100% more likely to turn cancerous and this location is at the cervix’s opening, this is more often the first place where a doctor investigates first.

Causes and risk factors include the human papilloma virus, which is a sexually transmitted virus, and even though hundreds of types of HPV’s exists, only fifteen of them have the power to cause cancer. Other HPV’s cause genital warts. It is most often the case that when a woman gets cervical cancer via HPV, she had sex either, at a very young age or had too many sexual partners.

However, in the same breath is it not true that when a woman contracts cervical cancer that she slept with many men, were sexually overactive, or had sex at too young an age. This is just an added risk factor and eve women who had one partner and started a sexual relationship at an older age could easily develop cervical cancer.

Long-term mental stress is another cause as studies from the Fox Chase Cancer Center established recently. Genetic factors and contraceptives are also likely causes as well as socio economic statuses.