Cancer Diagnosis, Treatments and Support

Cancer as most of us or probably all of us know, is no light matter with all of us either have lived, have known a loved one having cancer or lost a loved one to cancer. How do you diagnose such a ghastly and vast disease with a seemingly no known cure? However, the earlier it could be diagnosed, the greater the chance of curing.

Many cancer forms including rectum, prostate, testicles, mouth, skin, and breast could be detected through routine self-examination and regular screening prior to serious symptoms becoming evident. In many cases, cancer is detected and diagnosed only after a tumor is felt or when other symptoms became evident. In other cases is cancer detected purely incidental through treatment of other conditions, evaluations or medical examination.

Diagnosis starts with thorough medical history and examination with laboratory results of stool, urine, blood, biopsies. Tumors could be shown via ultrasound, X-rays, CT Scans, MRI scans, etc. in ore to determine size and location. Treatments would depend on stages and types of cancer and could be a combination off or only some of the following, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Cancer support is one of the major essential parts of this disease both from family, friends and special and supportive care of professionals and nurses. The main goal of this support is to not only relieve symptoms and pain accompanying the specific cancer, but improving and maintaining general health and above all providing logistical, psychological, and emotional support to both the sick and their family. Patients with cancer and no irreversible cure needs special support with hospice care.

With the rise of cancer and the emotional toll it has on people’s lives there are however immense support groups, complimentary cancer therapy centers that also provide supportive care outside hospitals and treatment centers. Anyone with cancer or living with a loved one with cancer should always have as much support available to them as possible, regardless of where you live in the world or what your financial status is.